Dear Fremont Friends and Supporters,

Election Day has passed, and I must convey my deepest appreciation to all our community members for taking the time to make your voices heard. I wish to acknowledge the hard work of my volunteers. You were all amazing in your efforts walking precincts, calling your friends and simply sharing information about my campaign. My heartfelt gratitude for your support of me and my efforts to continue serving public education in Fremont.

I am most proud that both in my last campaign and this recently completed one, I ran a positive, clean race in which I was an active and integral part of my community. I was happy to share this amazing experience with my loving and supportive friends and family.

I want to share my excitement that current voting results list me as a winner in my reelection. Election results are anticipated to be finalized and posted before the end of November. Whether it is a win or a loss, we ran with integrity and honor. Thank you to my fellow candidates, their families and supporters for also wanting to serve our schools. I hope we will continue to work together as there is much to be done.

In the past from time to time, there have been decisions that were very difficult to make and may be differ from some of our parents’ and/or staff’s perspectives. Please know that I always value everyone’s feedback and hope that you will continue to provide them. It is very important to me to be familiar with the issues that are important to you, that I listen to what ideas you may have, and that I base my decisions upon what I feel best serve our diverse student population.

I strongly believe that I, in partnership with both current and newly-elected Board members, will continue working hard to collaborate with all stakeholders to seek additional revenue streams for Fremont schools and provide the leadership, vision, and effective governance to meet the fiscal challenges ahead.

Fremont Unified School District is a wonderful district to serve, and Fremont is a wonderful place to live and be in. :-)

Warmest thanks,

Lily Mei