Elected Officials and Community Members

Fiona Ma, Assemblymember

Paul Fong, Assemblymember 

Jose Esteves, Mayor of Milpitas

Kansen Chu, City Council Member of San Jose

Ro Khanna, Former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce

Steve Cho, Former Vice Mayor and City Council Member of Fremont

Laura Canciamilla, Trustee, Pittsburg Unified School District, Former Director of Region 7

Larry Sweeney, Trustee, Fremont Unified School District

Cynthia Chang,  Trustee, Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District, past President of the Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association

Anna Muh, Former Trustee, Fremont Unified School District

Henry Hutchins, President Fremont Education Foundation

Jeevan Zutshi, Indo-American Community Federation

Richard Li, Board of Directors, Fremont Chamber of Commerce

David Sheen, President of Asian Business Alliance and Ohlone College Foundation Board Member

Tim Tran, Economic Development Commissioner, City of Fremont, Former President Citizens for Better Community

Henry Yin, Business Owner and former California Commisioner of Economic Development

Dr. Albert Wang, Community Involvement Chair, Citizens for Better Community

Anna Wang, Vice President of Local Programs, Friends of Children with Special Needs

Jeevan Zutshi, Founder, Indo-American Community Federation

Carol Zilli, Executive Director, Music for Minors II

Tanuja Bahal, Former Executive Director, India Community Center

Gail Bryan

Nadine Camara

Linda and Calvin Chang

Amy Cho

Nisha & Milind Dalal

Traci and Greg Fung

Greg Green

Liz & Michael Hafner

Brad Hatton

Jill & Russ Hiroto

Allen Hsu

Meili Hsu

Renchain Kao

Dr. Peter Kao

Dr. Wenling Kao

Mary Liu-Lee

Daphne Leung

Henry Leung

Jarvis Leung

Janeen Ling

Heena and Himanshu Majmudar

Chiachi & Helen Mei

Peter Mei

Monica Melville

Lelia & Paul Ng

Melissa Ng

Jodie Ni

Madhvi Parikh

Mary Lynn Pelican

Sharon Sano

Yang Shao

Joy Suh

Serena Tan

Forrest Tanaka

Jeffrey Tsai

Renee Tsai

Stephanie Tsai

Wei Yann Tsai

J Dennis Wolfe

Grace Wong

Gary and Peony Wu

Dr. Pearl Wu

 Dr. Jessie Xiong

Lena Zee

Edward Zhang

Partial List

*Titles for Identification Purposes