In the Media

7/07/2013 – World Journal, “台灣原聲童聲 灣區秀天籟, Taiwan’s Vox Nativa Inaugural Concert”

6/29/2013 – World Journal, “東方中校夏令營成果展 掌聲多, Eastern Chinese School Cultural Camp Performance”

6/06/2013 — San Jose Mercury News, “Fremont Education Foundation holds 14th Music Telethon”

5/21/2013 — Fremont Bulletin, “Fremont teachers receive Eagle Service Awards”

5/16/2013 — Fremont Bulletin, “South Bay Chinese Service Club’s Scholarship Luncheon”

4/23/2013 — Tri-City Voice, “Breaking boards for breakthroughs”

3/19/2013 — Tri-City Voice, “Making Fremont Safer”

2/10/2013 — World Journal, “費利蒙中校 新春聯歡, Fremont Chinese School New Year Celebration”

1/28/2013 — India Post, “Candlelight Vigil at Fremont Hindu Temple”

12/13/2012 — World Journal, “佛利蒙學委 高敘加連任就職, Second Inauguration of Fremont Unified School Board Trustee Lily Mei”

12/13/2012 — Sing Tao Daily, “高敘加連任宣誓就職,菲蒙教委會歡送吳葦, Reelected Trustee Lily Mei Sworn onto Fremont Board; Farewell to Trustee Ivy Wu”

11/01/2012 — Oakland Tribune, “Oakland Tribune editorial: Karipineni, Campbell and Mei for Fremont schools”

10/23/2012 — Vimeo Video, “SURFBoardE (Students United for the Representation to the FUSD Board of Education) FUSD School Board Candidates Forum”

10/13/2012 — World Journal, “佛利蒙學區委員政見會 6候選人交手, Fremont Unified School Board Candidates Participate in Candidate Forum at Fremont Chinese School”

10/13/2012 — KTSF26, “東灣Fremont聯合校區教育委員選舉, East Bay News: Fremont Unified School District Board of Education Elections”

10/12/2012 — World Journal, “佛利蒙創佳績 學區委員欣慰, Fremont Unified School Board Members Discuss Their Districts Success”

10/12/2012 — Sing Tao Daily News “吳葦任滿推薦三名教委接班人, Retiring Fremont Unified School Trustee Ivy Wu Endorses Three Candidates for Fremont School Board”

10/12/2012 — World Journal, “吳葦、王彥邦 挺學區委員3候選人, Dr. Albert Wang and Trustee Ivy Wu Endorse Three Candidates for Fremont School Board”

10/11/2012 — World Journal, “曹業雲競選募款會200多位支持者出席, Mayoral Candidate Event Attended By More Than 200 Supporters”

10/09/2012 — Tri-City Voice, “Candidate Lily Mei for Fremont Unified School District Governing Board Member ”

10/06/2012 — Tri-City Voice, “Election 2012 – Under the section LILY MEI, Trustee of FUSD Board (2008 – Present)”

10/04/2012 — Groco Accounting Video, “Interview with Lily Mei, Candidate for Reelection for Fremont School Board”

10/04/2012 — Fremont Bulletin, “Seven Fremont schools participate in day promoting safety, exercise”

10/03/2012 — Fremont Unified School Board Candidates Forum sponsored by Parents of African American Students Network and Tri Cities Community Development Center, “Fremont Unified School Board Candidates Forum”

9/22/2012 — World Journal, “佛利蒙學區委員政見會 6候選人交鋒, Fremont Unified School District Candidate Forum”

9/21/2012 — The Argus, “Six candidates running for Fremont school district board”

9/15/2012 — Fremont Patch, “Fremont City and School Board Candidates Tackle Issues”

9/14/2012 — The Argus, “Fremont councilwoman hosts free screening of “Bully”

9/13/2012 — DingDing TV, “馬振義任命加州亞太裔事務委員會委員, Mr. Steven Ma’s Appointment Ceremony to the California Asian Pacific American Affairs Committee ”

9/12/2012 — Epoch Times, “湾区协力制止校园霸凌、暴力”

9/7/2012 — The Argus, “Candidates for Fremont school board … to appear at forum”

8/23/2012 — Fremont Patch, “Elections 2012: Who’s Running?”

8/20/2012 — The Argus, “Newark school board race already decided; other Tri-City races up for grabs”

7/5/2012 — World Journal, “華人社團點亮東方元素, Chinese Associations Light Up Fremont Fourth of July Parade”

7/2/2012 — China News, “Fremont Far Eastern Chinese School Hosts Summer Camp Show”

6/25/2012— World Journal, “高敘加競選起跑 支持者相挺; Lily Mei Joins Her Supporters to Kick-Off Her Reelection Campaign”

6/8/2012 — World Journal, “華益社頒獎學金 6高中生受惠 Citizens for Better Community (CBC) Awards Six High School Graduates Scholarships”

4/20/2012 — Sing Tao Daily, “菲蒙现首间太阳能供电学校 Fremont Now Has Its First Solar-powered School – Hirsch Elementary”

2/22/2012 — Tri-City Voice,“Highlights from FUSD Board meeting held on February 22, 2012”

1/24/2012 — Tri-City Voice,” FUSD saves taxpayers $18.4 million”

7/27/2011 — World Journal, “60未來「青少年領袖」 畢業囉”60 Future Leaders Celebrate Toastmaster Youth Program Graduation”

12/3/2010 — World Journal, “亞太裔學委聚會 探討加大招生政策” Asian and Pacific Islander School Board Members Association Gathers to Explore Changes to U.C. Admissions Policies”

11/12/2010 — World Journal, “英女王登基慶 Mission San Jose高中獲邀表演”  Lord Mayor Visit’s Fremont’s Mission San Jose High to Present School Band and Choir Official Invitation to Participate in 2012 New Year Parade”

11/4/2010 — World Journal, “佛利蒙學區 欣見地目稅提案過”關Fremont School District Welcomes the Passing of Local Funding Initiative, Measure K”

9/7/2010 — Tri-City Voice, “Special meeting, held by the Fremont Unified School Board on August 30, which focused on Measure K and the Save Fremont Students campaign.”

3/31/2010 — Tri-City Voice, “Fremont Unified School District Board meeting, Decision to Change Secondary Start Time”

1/1/2010 — Youtube, 金山灣區僑界慶祝中華民國九十九年 元旦升旗典禮及團拜 Overseas Chinese in Bay Area Celebrate the Republic of China’s Ninety-nine Years with a New Year’s Day Flag-raising Ceremony”

9/23/2008 — Water No Ice, “Fremont Unified School Board candidate – an interview with Lily Mei”