Ballot Statement


AGE: 42


I am honored to serve as the current Fremont Unified School District Board President in these challenging times when it needs active leadership. My passion for the success of our schools and my dedication to our students drive me to serve our community. To ensure effective board governance, I insisted on fiscal transparency, maintained our district’s reputation for award-winning schools in every attendance area, and supported educational programs for all students so they’ll be prepared for the 21st century workforce.

With Fremont’s City Council, I advocated responsible housing development and showed the impact housing growth has on the demands for school facilities. My active leadership on local initiatives brought community support for local funds to maintain and restore educational offerings.

As a fellow parent, I implemented programs focused on student achievement. As a regional California School Board Association delegate representative for Alameda County, I helped set policy to reflect the interests of our school district. As your trustee on the School Board, I will strive to maintain FUSD’s excellent standards, listen to the concerns of residents, and establish open communication between the School Board and the city government so that decisions are made with our children as a priority.

I appreciate your vote. Visit