Advocates Community Solutions

Board liaison in local fundraising initiatives such as:


  • Galvanized generous support from our student leaders, community volunteers and local businesses to raise over $600K in donations during the 2010 summer vacation to restore specialized education in the areas of science, physical education, computer and music.
  • Walked precincts with students to communicate firsthand the importance of educational needs and supported student-run, block-wide garage sale generating over $5,000.

       MEASURE K

  • Garnered successful support for our Fremont’s first local funding measure
  • Provided a locally controlled stable source of revenue which cannot be taken by the state
  • Demonstrated our community’s belief to maintain the high standard of education students.

Partnered with local community and civic organizations to help our students

  • Participated in Fremont’s Big Backpack Giveaway where, with support of local businesses and generous donations, over 4000 totes loaded with school supplies were distributed to our students.
  • Collected school supplies over past few years, working with
    • Tri Cities League of Volunteer (LOV) staff, Kiwanis, and Walmart on their collaboration, School Stuff the Bus  campaign
    • Fremont Aqua Adventure Waterpark  during Fremont Unified School Day – discounted admission tickets for Fremont families as reward for support when donating supplies