Educated Decision Maker









I am passionate in my desire to learn more, and open to evaluating opportunities to provide boards the tools to be most effective while never losing sight of our key goal of providing the best educational opportunities possible for our students. In that effort I work to further develop my skills as a well prepared and educated leader for our community by:

Personally investing over 100 hours in professional development 

  • Completion of California School Board Associations (CSBA’s) Masters in Governance, a program designed to better equip board members and superintendents with the necessary knowledge and skills to support an effective governance structure.

Running for and securing a seat as a regional delegate assembly member for Region 7 representing Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

  • The Delegate Assembly provides policy direction for the association and ensures that the association reflects the interests of virtually all of the state’s more than 1,000 school districts and county offices of education.

Serving as the Northern California Vice President of Asian Pacific Islander School Board Member Association (APISBMA).

  • APISBMA is a statewide California based non-profit dedicated to encouraging and supporting thoughtful, systematic and coordinated research. Their focus is on evaluating and developing appropriate policies and practices to serve the needs of Asian Pacific Islander students and their families.

Participating in the establishment and growth of CSBA’s Council of Presidents, a collaborative effort working with CSBA and the Asian, Black, Latino and Native American ethnic school board member associations to focus attention on addressing issues to minority students and their families .