Proven Track Record

Highlights of my tenure in office include:

  • Helped to initiate district wide data dashboard to help board and staff focus direction and attention on measurable metrics and goals.
  • Advocated for launching PIQE (Parent Institute for Quality Education) program to include and improve parental support of students in our Title I schools.
  • Achieved 100% attendance and voting record for entire term of board service both as board member and on delegate assembly.
  • Served as spokesperson for Fremont district at every legislative action day run by California School Board Association.
  • Pushed for technology upgrades to improve district email, consulted with teachers who evaluated new grading and parent communication system prior to adopting
  • Improved communication by developing, launching, and having our community complete surveys which involved parents, students, teachers, and district staff on topics such as facilities, homework, bullying.
  • Joined similar efforts with other school districts to ensure student safety and encourage a drug-free environment, supported board’s new search and seizure policy, a proactive approach to communicating expectations about student safety and the prohibition of contraband on secondary school campuses.
  • Cultivated effective opportunities for teachers and staff to learn from each other through best-practice symposiums.

Over the past three years my favorite memories have involved spending time with our FUSD students.

  • Guest reader every year for Read Across America Week throughout FUSD.
  • Served as judge and presenter¬†for multiple science fairs, Young Authors Contests, PTA Reflections, Spelling Bees.
  • Supported every Young Composer Symphony performance.
  • Promoted programs at Adult school and summer school for elementary and secondary education¬†to provide students a necessary vehicle for credit recovery, personal advancement, and preparation for successful new year.